Its been a while since the last time I post. But I was surfing youtube and came across this... Every Cute
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for the past few days i have being workout. I'm so in pain but I guess pain is good if u want to lose weight. I know i said that i have been workout like two or a month, but I was stupid to stop, so now I retaking it up again, HOPE I keep it going. I decide that I want to go back to school, to become a FA, so that my goal to keep it up. I'm going to be 22 tomorrow, OMG. can't believe it. I work on my b-day again, but guess its okay since I not planing anything.
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I don't feel good at all. I been in the bathroom like 30 time. I don't know what a ate or what is cause it. I want to say that it might be my workplace, but it could be what i ate yesterday. Whatever it is, I want too know. So I was think, is that I going to work tomorrow and if I don't feel good yet, I will tell them to send me home, hopefully. I didn't work out yesterday, because of my stomachache and I feel guilty about it. I going to feel guilty now because I want to skip too since I still don't feel good. What should I do. I don't want to skip it... I think... I think... I might just do it and get it over with. And if I get sick during the workout I will just stop.
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Today is my day off...

Today is my day off. What should I do. I have a meeting at work today, but I debating if I want to go. I have a cold sore on my nose, it just a little one now. To day is the day that I go in to check if my eye is get use to contact, so hopeful I get it. The weird thing is that I don't wear it that much, as I want too.


 Trying to figures out  Live journal and how to set thing up.   I think I having a headache now. 
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New at livejournal

I dont know what to do yet, but i try to figures it out soon. I guess i join livejournal because people post a lots of thing of Arashi on there, and I want to see and know the latest thing about them, each day. I will try to post erveyday.